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Make A Donation!

You can directly support golden lion tamarin conservation in Brazil. Help us reach our goal of 2000 GLTs living in 25,000 ha (about 62,000 acres) of connected and protected forest by 2025.  Make your tax deductible (in the U.S.) contribution to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin today!    

Here are some ways you could help:

  • Make a monthly recurring donation via Just Give (see link).
  • Hold a fundraiser in your school, neighborhood, church, or organization.  Ideas include lemonade stands, bake sales, car washes, raffles, etc.  Upon request, we can provide brochures for your use.
  • Join with friends to make a group donation. 
  • Make a gift donation via Just Give to honor a special person.  (see link)
  • Suggest a gift to SGLT in lieu of flowers at a memorial service.
  • Suggest a gift to SGLT for your birthday, wedding, Bar-mitsvah.
  • Make a bequest.  Save the Golden Lion Tamarin is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055,2106 or 2522 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.    Contact us or ask your attorney about including  Save the Golden Lion Tamarin in your estate plans.
  • Help us identify corporate donors to help us reach our US$8 million target for the Devra Kleiman Fund to Save Golden Lion Tamarins in perpetuity.

Your contribution, large or small, is important to saving GLTs from extinction.  

  • $8,000 would purchase one vehicle to carry AMLD field teams to their work sites (local farms, schools, forests)
  • $5,000 will "Adopt a Group", supporting the actions needed to monitor a GLT family and care for their habitat for a year.  We will send you photos and updates on a tamarin family's activities, such as new births.   If you have an opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, you can visit your adopted group up to twice a year!
  • $2,000 would restore two hectares (about five acres) of native forest corridor - enough to "soak up" 6-19 tons of carbon per year for 30 years, effectively neutralizing the carbon footprint of an average North American citizen, thus helping to save our Planet. 
  • $1,000 would restore one hectare (about 1.5 acres)  of native forest corridor.  We will name part of the corridor after you.
  • $1,500 would support one week-long workshop to train local teachers to develop community environmental projects as part of their school curriculum.
  • $500 will let you name a wild infant  Golden Lion Tamarin (for $1,000 you can name a set of twins) and support all our conservation program.  We will enter the name you choose in the official GLT population records.
  • $250 will purchase a radio transmitter collar to help us monitor a tamarin group in the forest.
  • $50 will allow you to symbolically Adopt Devra, a GLT, supporting all GLT conservation efforts.
  • $25 will help us continue monitoring the wild tamarin population with critical supplies such as flashlights and boots for our field team.
  • A gift in any amount to the Devra Kleiman Fund to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin will live on, providing annual support the AMLD to save golden lion tamarins in perpetuity.  Help us reach our US$8million target.

Since we are a lean, entirely volunteer-run organization, your contributions will directly support our conservation work.  Save the Golden Lion Tamarin (EIN 20-2874701) is a U.S. public charity, qualified to receive tax deductible contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. 


To donate:

  • Donate online using a credit card through Just Give.  Just click on the button.            Consider including the 4.5% transaction costs to your donation.


  • Send a check payable to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin in US dollars to:  Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, 303 Cavalier Court,Silver Spring MD 20901-1620, USA.  Please include the name to be listed in our donor registry and the email and mailing address to which a receipt should be sent.