Golden lion tamarins are beautiful tiny monkeys that were on the verge of extinction in their native habitat – the lowland Atlantic coastal forest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Today, the major threat to the species’ survival is unplanned urban expansion, which has reduced tamarin habitat to less than 2% of its original area. The remaining forest is in fragments, each too small to support a healthy tamarin population for the long term.

Our goal is to save golden lion tamarin in perpetuity.  We need to reach and maintain 2,000 tamarins living free in a landscape of at least 25,000 hectares (62,000 acres) of connected and protected Atlantic Forest.

What we do to save golden lion tamarins

We support our Brazilian partner, Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado (AMLD), the lead organization in international efforts to save the species from extinction. AMLD’s actions include:

  • Fill suitable forests with golden lion tamarins;

  • Plant forest corridors reconnecting forest fragments and the tamarins that live there;

  • Engage local people in actions to restore and protect the forest for both tamarins and people;

  • Monitor and protect all wild golden lion tamarins and their forest

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Where we are now?

Thanks to over three decades of work by the Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado and its partners we now have:

  • Enough GLTs and forest to save the species on the short term IF the forest fragments are reconnected and protected

  • Nearly zero new deforestation in this region

  • Competent teams in Brazil working to reach our goal and poised to detect and address new threats as they arise

We can keep golden lion tamarins safe from extinction and YOU can help!

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