Save the Golden Lion Tamarin (SGLT) is a United States 501 (c) (3) public charity, created in 2005 by a small group of passionate U.S.-based conservation professionals who have dedicated their careers to golden lion tamarin conservation. Save the Golden Lion Tamarin provides technical and financial support to help Associação Mico-Leão Dourado (AMLD or Golden Lion Tamarin Association) save golden lion tamarins in perpetuity.  AMLD has funds from Brazilian sources for other aspects of their work, but they lack sufficient support for salaries of their team. Save the Golden Lion Tamarin focuses its efforts to help AMLD achieve the long-term financial stability to retain their competent team to continue their critical work. 

Founders of Save the Golden Lion Tamarin

Save the Golden Lion Tamarin is registered in the state of Maryland as a charitable organization.  We are a lean all-volunteer organization that functions virtually, with a mailing address at the Silver Spring, Maryland home of its treasurer.  The work is accomplished in the Washington D.C. area at the homes and offices of the ten board members and other volunteers, at sites including the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. 

International Recognition

Our work is recognized internationally for its effectiveness in achieving conservation goals, and our competence has also been recognized by several prestigious national and international awards.

  • Endorsed by Saving Nature

  • Secretary of Biodiversity of Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment officially declares August 2 as National Golden Lion Tamarin Day in Brazil (2018)

  • Disney Reverse the Decline Award (2014)

  • Disney Conservation Hero Award (2011)

  • St. Andrews Prize for the Environment (2010)

  • Nature 19 November 2009: pp. 266-269

  • National Geographic Society / Buffet Award for Leadership in Latin America (2008)

  • Ford Motor Company Conservation Award – Category Science and Professional Training (2007)

  • Bruno H.Schubert-Stiftung Award - Category Young Scientist (2007)

  • Prêmio Super Ecologia—Category Most Effective Wildlife NGO (2002);

  • Prêmio Muriqui—Man and Biosphere Program (1998)

  • Several service awards from two local municipal governments

Our Mission

1. To protect the Golden Lion Tamarin, a tiny endangered primate, and to protect and restore the globally outstanding biodiversity of its natural habitat, the Brazilian Atlantic Coastal Rainforest.

2. To cooperate with other organizations with similar purposes.

3. To enlighten and educate society about preservation of the environment, especially the Atlantic Forest and the Golden Lion Tamarin.

4. To support and promote the efforts of Associação Mico-Leão Dourado (AMLD), a Brazilian non-profit registered under the laws of the City and State of Rio de Janeiro, whose mission is the conservation of the biodiversity of the Brazilian Atlantic Coastal Forest focusing on the long-term protection of the Golden Lion Tamarin in its natural habitat.

Our Partners & Supporters


Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado and Save the Golden Lion Tamarin thank:

Our Major Partner institutions for their substantial long-term financial and technical contributions: 

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta saves wildlife and their habitats through conservation, research, education and engaging experiences. Their efforts connect people to animals and inspire conservation action.


Copenhagen Zoo

Part of the Copenhagen Zoo’s mission is to actively contribute to the conservation of endangered species and their habitats, based on a scientific foundation. This scientific foundation is formed from research in the wild, as well as through the management of the animal population at Copenhagen Zoo.


Disney Conservation Fund

Disney’s commitment to environmental stewardship focuses on using resources wisely as we operate and grow our business. Disney also provides philanthropic grants and expertise to save wildlife, inspire action, and protect the planet.


DOB Ecology

The mission of DOB Ecology is to support partners that work to protect and restore threatened ecosystems and (re)build the conditions for resilient livelihoods of local communities.



EDF Norte Fluminense

EDF Norte Fluminense is one of the main assets in Brazil of the French group Electricité de France – EDF, one of the largest producers of electricity in the world, operating in five continents and the fastest-growing in the low carbon emissions industry.


Philadelphia Zoo

The region’s leading family destination and one of the area’s foremost conservation organizations, Philadelphia Zoo is home to nearly 1,300 animals, many rare and endangered.


Saving Nature

Dr. Stuart Pimm founded Saving Nature in 2019 as part of his vision of restoring nature for sustainable gains and broader impact. It builds on the exceptional success with SavingSpecies, an organisation he founded in 2007 to create wildlife corridors in important areas for biodiversity.


Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Friends of the National Zoo

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo instills a lifelong commitment to conservation through engaging experiences with animals and the people working to save them. Founded in 1889, the Zoo is part of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex.


And all the institutions and individuals who have donated through Save the Golden Lion Tamarin: 

Annual Reports & Financial Statements

2018 report.jpg

2018 Annual Progress Report

Download our AMLD and SGLT 2018 annual report to learn about our successes, challenges, and hopes for the next year. With our expertise gained over several decades, we have identified needs, threats, actions needed, and incremental progress.  We’ve developed a comprehensive 10-year strategic plan which contains 13 strategies that, together, are designed to achieve our goals.

SGLT’s financial and administrative performance receives a Gold rating from Guidestar.