Ben Beck’s GLT Novel Now Available

GLT Scientist and SGLT Board Member Ben Beck has written an engaging novel entitled Thirteen Gold Monkeys, a vivid and authentic story about the efforts to save this beautiful species from extinction by reintroducing zoo-born GLTs to their native habitat in Brazil.

Ben has donated an autographed copy of this book to the National Zoo’s ZooFari auction (open now through May 12), to be accompanied by a personal appearance and book signing at an event chosen by the highest bidder.   Proceeds of this auction item will go directly to help GLTs in Brazil.

Also, copies of Thirteen Gold Monkeys are available for purchase from Amazon  (including a Kindle edition), Barnes and Noble (including a Nook edition), and OutSkirts Press, or can can be ordered from any bookseller.  There is an iTunes version for iPhone/iPad.

Fifty percent of any profits from the commercial sale of the book will be donated to the Devra G. Kleiman endowment fund for the support of ongoing conservation efforts with golden lion tamarins.  Order multiple copies to share with  your friends!  Enjoy the story and  help save GLTs!