Support GLTs with the MOST Unique Gift!

This holiday season, help us track tamarins in Brazil... and give a unique gift like never before!

You can help us in one of the critical tasks in our efforts to save golden lion tamarins by donating to our Track-A-Tamarin campaign, which supports the purchase of necessary radio telemetry equipment. It costs $10,000 a year to support our scientists in Brazil as they monitor tamarins in their forest habitat. 

Donations to Track-A-Tamarin make a great holiday gift. And all donations to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin are tax deductible! To thank you for your donation, SGLT will send you or your gift recipient a variety of one-of-a-kind tamarin-related items!

For more information, see our sections on donations, great GLT gifts, and how to sponsor a GLT for a loved one.