The 2015 Track-A-Tamarin Campaign raised nearly $5000 in its first year!

Thanks to generous contributions from our supporters, Save the Golden Lion Tamarin raised $4,581.25 to help track tamarins in their Atlantic Forest habitat in Brazil! These funds will be used to purchase new equipment and rehabilitating older devices. This tracking equipment is essential for our field managers in Brazil to monitor GLT populations, locate tamarins for research and ecotourism, and detect threats to the habitat.

Thanks to all of our 2015 supporters, especially:

  • Jeff Taylor and Casey Robinson, who included donations to SGLT in their wedding registry, and raised nearly $600 for Track-a-Tamarin by doing so!
  • The Georgia chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, who donated close to $1000 for Track-A-Tamarin! They chose to name a GLT in the wild Georgia.
  • The Brandywine chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers who donated over $500 for Track-A-Tamarin! Their total donations to SGLT totaled over $1000, and they chose to name a GLT in the wild Tango.
  • And thanks to Holohil, the company who supplies our telemetry equipment, who generously donates $1000 per year!

We’re also excited to announce the kick off of the 2016 campaign! We’ve already received $1,500 in donations, and we’re looking forward to besting last year’s total as we move towards our annual goal of $10,000. For more information on the Track-A-Tamarin campaign, click here.