Disney Conservation Fund Supports Our GLT Conservation Strategy

We were very excited to announce our partnership with Disney Conservation Fund in April. Their 20th anniversary project, "Reverse the Decline, Increase the Time" focuses on several species and projects, and SGLT/AMLD is honored to be one of their recipients. We wanted to highlight a few ways that Disney's Reverse the Decline supports GLTs in the wild:

AMLD's Translocation TeamSupport from the Disney Reverse the Decline program helps AMLD implement its 10 year plan to keep GLTs from extinction in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.  AMLD’s plan has 10 strategies to counter threats to GLT survival.  The Disney grant supports several of these.  Disney support, for example, allows AMLD to carry out long-term monitoring of GLT population sizes and threats in four areas, and to move GLTs to meet genetic and demographic goals for each GLT population.  Science-based translocations to small and isolated GLT populations help maintain genetic diversity and reduce inbreeding until they can be connected to larger populations via planted forest corridors.



Local landowner on sustainable agroforestry plotDisney’s Reverse the Decline award helps AMLD implement its strategic plan in several ways.  For example, it enables AMLD to train local families in sustainable agroforestry practices.  Owners of some of these farms will plant agroforestry systems that serve as corridors connecting forest fragments.  Others will become involved in the commercial production of native tree seedlings needed for forest restoration in the region.  These activities contribute to restoration of GLT habitat as well as the reduction of two threats: forest fires and subdivision of rural properties.