Yellow Fever Hits Brazil

An outbreak of Yellow Fever has been travelling through Southeast Brazil  over the past few weeks. On March 14 the first case in Rio de Janeiro state was detected in the municipality of Casimiro de Abreu, in the center of the remaining GLT habitat.  Yellow Fever can be fatal for at-risk humans (the young, old, and immuno-comprimised), and it is also fatal for some New World Primates. AMLD  is closely monitoring reports of sick primates as GLTs could be affected by this virus. All AMLD staff have been vaccinated.  To help protect both people and monkeys, AMLD and SGLT are educating the public about the disease and the need for vaccination. The AMLD field team know the region well and are transporting health workers to vaccinate people living in isolated rural areas.  Eco-tourism visits to the GLT habitat have been temporarily stopped. Yellow fever has not been well studied in monkeys, thus there is no current proven vaccination for monkeys.  


AMLD staff helping transport healthworkers to vaccinate GLT neighbors. 


What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow Fever is a viral disease common in areas of Africa and South America.  For most people, symptoms are similar to a bad influenza and last about four days. In some, especially older people and those with immune system problems, symptoms can be much worse and fatal in 3 - 7% of cases. Yellowing of the skin and eyes is common in people with severe symptoms.

How can people protect themselves from Yellow Fever?

Get vaccinated against Yellow Fever BEFORE the disease is found near where you live.  One vaccination protects you for the rest of your life.  Check with your doctor about vaccinations for babies, pregnant or nursing women, older people and people with immune-deficiency. 

Also, protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Can you get Yellow Fever from a monkey?

No, you can’t get Yellow Fever from a monkey or another person. Yellow Fever is spread by mosquitoes infected with the disease.

Can monkeys get Yellow Fever?

Yes.  People and monkeys can both be victims of Yellow Fever.

Do monkeys spread Yellow Fever from one city or state to another?

No.  People infected with the disease who travel from one city or state to another take the disease with them and spread it there.

Can monkeys help protect people from Yellow Fever?

Yes.  When monkeys show symptoms of Yellow Fever that tells local Health Departments that people should be vaccinated immediately.  Monkeys can show us where Yellow Fever has spread.