Supporters 2009

On behalf of golden lion tamarins, the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and all the team working to assure their future, we thank the following for their generous support in 2009:


  • Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund
  • Highfield Foundation

GLT Adopters (donations of $100 - $999)

  • Toni Allen, Bethesda, Maryland
  • John, Marjorie, Alexa, and Costa DeMoss, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Mark Ferrari, Berkley, California
  • James and Lou Ann Dietz, Silver Spring, Maryland, in memory of Berniece Dietz
  • Susannah Hughes, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Leo and Carol Kane, Bethesda, Maryland
  • Andrea Leiman, Bethesda, Maryland
  • Jennifer Mickelberg, Washington, DC
  • Irving Mintzer, Silver Spring, Maryland, dedicated to George and Phyllis Mintzer
  • Clyde Nishimura, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Gerald Post, Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Don and Tina Slater, Silver Spring, Maryland

GLT Supporters (donations of less than $100)

  • Anonymous
  • Lou Ann Dietz, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • David and Bonnie Inouye, Hyattsville, Maryland
  • Terry O’Connor, Seattle, Washington, in honor of Devra Kleiman
  • Vicky Poole, Baltimore, Maryland, in honor of Danielle’s birthday
  • Maria Sarno, Miami, Florida
  • Elizabeth Smith, Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Elijah, Amanda, and Sam Underwood, Adelphi, Maryland
  • Ryan Valdez, Washington, DC
  • James Youngman, Columbus, Ohio

Golden Supporters (donations of $1,000 - $4,000)

  • American Association of Zoo Keepers Chapter, Wildlife World Zoo, Litchfield, Arizona
  • Devra Kleiman, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Forest Corridor Restoration (donations of $1,000 per hectare)

  • Jim Fournier Corridor – Donated by Robert O. and Reba B. Fournier, Portola Valley, California - 5 hectares
  • Karen Honeycutt, New York, New York – 1 hectare

Adopt a GLT Group (donations of $5,000 per GLT group)

  • American Soccer Corporation, Wilmington, California – 2 Groups
  • Kazaru Ishida, Washington, DC – 2 Groups


  • In memory of Dr. Charles and Gail Kirkpatrick, Lafayette, Indiana

Other Supporters (in-kind donations and services)


  • Roberto DeMoraes, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil 
  • James Dietz, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Mehgan Murphy, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution
  • Clyde Nishimura, Alexandria, Virginia


  • Akira Matsubayashi, Antas Productions Ltd., Kawasaki-shi, Japan

Website Design:

  • Matt Hankerson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Website and Social Network Management

  • Dana Coelho, Golden, Colorado
  • Kenton Kerns, Markham, Virginia