2014 Supporters

With the help of our generous supporters, Save the Golden Lion Tamarin and the Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado have made significant progress in 2014 toward our goal of saving golden lion tamarins in their native habitat in Brazil in perpetuity.  THANK YOU.  There is much left to be done.  We hope you will continue to support our work in 2015.

Devra Kleiman Fund to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin in Perpetuity


Dr. Anne Baker and Dr. Robert Lacey, Jonesboro, Maine, USA

Jeremy Mallinson, Jersey, United Kingdom

$100 - $499

Maria Inês Castro, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Christy and Andy Hoover, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Elizabeth Smith, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

$10 - $99




Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Philadelphia Zoological Society

$10,000 - $49,999

Copenhagen Zoo

FL Concepts, Paris, France

$1,000 - $9,999

Kazuharu Ishida, Washington, DC, USA for Harezo Shimizu

Eliseu Nascimento, Harrison, New Jersey, USA

$500 - $999

American Association of Zoo Keepers, Brandywine Zoo Chapter, Wilmington DE

Toni K. Allen, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

$100 - $499


Kathie E. Alderks, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Ben and Beate Beck, Newark, Maryland, USA

Karen Bonnin, Colesville, Maryland, USA

Friends of the National Zoo, Washington, DC, USA

Patricia Roberts, Washington, DC, USA

Aki and Chrisanna Suzuki, Olympia, Washington, USA

$50 - $99

Amazon Smile Foundation

Just Give (match)

Kay Hervey, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Lorraine and Harold Heidrich, Newark, Maryland, USA for Beate’s Birthday

Brittany Warman, in honor of Kenton Kerns, Washington, DC, USA


Allison Adams and Joscelyn Trompeter, Plano, Texas, USA

Carlos DeMoraes, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Express Professionals AID Inc., Spokane, Washington, USA

Joesph Bettini, West Harrison, New York, USA, for Alfred Bettini Sr.

Judy Nelson, Seattle, Washington, USA, for Grace Jackson

Ethan Ngo, Rosslyn, Virginia, USA

Karl and Ann Shump, Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Jennifer Wardell, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, for Hailey Wardell and Emily Tang-Hynes


Sustaining Supporters (recurring monthly donations via Just Give)

Deborah Edlin, Sussex, UK

Maria Sarno, Miami, Florida, USA


Sponsors of Little GLT Devra

Anonymous, for Ben and Beate Beck

James Beck, Washington, DC, USA, for Cedar and Natalia

Carol Cavanaugh, Washington, DC, USA, for Ian Yeomans, in memory of Devra Kleiman

Kari Cohen, Washington, DC, USA

Liam Conroy, for Dr. Ev Avoglia

Lou Ann Dietz, Mount Jackson, Virginia, USA, for Linda Fredlund

Susan Dietz, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA, in memory of Zoey

Douglas Reber Dunkel, Hanover, Virginia, USA

Debra Forde, New Orleans, Louisana, USA

Christy Hoover, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Ryan Irish, San Antonio, Texas, USA, for the World

Eliseu Nascimento, Harrison, New Jersey, USA

Kimberly Olson, Mission Hill, South Dakota, USA, for Scott Olson

Heidi Shapiro, Outremont, Quebec, Canada, for Kaelyn and Jordyn

Mary Alice Shinall, Atlanta, Georgia

Joy Shneider, Long Beach, California, USA

Joy Shneider, Long Beach, California, USA, for Raffaela Commitante

Joy Shneider, Long Beach, California, USA, for Holly Johnson

Joy Shneider, Long Beach, California, USA, for Teri Scott

Elizabeth  Smith, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Heather Van Dyke-Titus, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, for Harmony Brewing

Thank you to donors of items to the Friends of the National Zoo 2014 ZooFari Auctions.  These items are raising funds for the Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado’s work in Brazil to save golden lion tamarins and their habitat.

Dr. Andrew Baker, Philadelphia Zoo

Irene Kerns

Dr. Benjamin and Beate Beck

Kenton Kerns

Elise Bernardoni

Dr. Nancy Knowlton

Suzanne Boom, Gibbons Rock Studio

Esther Langan

Larry Broadwell

Adam Matuszeski

Bill Clements, National Zoo

Dr. Jennifer Mickelberg, Zoo Atlanta

Steve Conners, Zoo Miami

Rebecca Miller, National Zoo

Conservation International

Mehgan Murphy

Sian Evans, Dumond Conservancy

Nancy Nil, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

Debbie Forde, Audubon Zoo

Clyde Nishimura and Don Johnson

Dr. Jane Goodall

Lynn Parsons

Jennifer Holland

Dr. David Powell, Bronx Zoo

Bengt Holst, Copenhagen Zoo

Craig Saffoe, National Zoo

Horse Country

Eric Slovak, National Zoo

Ken Howell & Brent Whitaker, Natl. Aquarium in Baltimore

Laurie Thompson, National Zoo

Dr. David Inouye

Genevieve Warner


Ian Yeomans




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