2013 Supporters

With the help of our generous supporters, Save the Golden Lion Tamarin and the Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado have made significant progress in 2013 toward our goal of saving golden lion tamarins in their native habitat in Brazil in perpetuity.  THANK YOU.  There is much left to be done.  We hope you will continue to support our work in 2014.



Anne Baker and Bob Lacey, Jonesboro, Maine, USA

$100 - $499

Ben and Beate Beck, Newark, Maryland, USA

Carolyn Crockett and Bob Brooks, Seattle, Washington, USA

$10 - $99

Lorraine Heidrich, Newark, Maryland, USA, in honor of Ben and Beate Beck’s birthdays

Kim Kopetz, Seattle, Washington, USA, in the name of Grace Jackson

Carole Maifald, Versailles, Kentucky, USA

David Semadeni, in the name of Kenton Kerns

Tiffany Tarant, Seattle, Washington, USA, in the name of Grace Jackson

Brittany Warman, in the name of Kenton Kerns




Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

$1,000 - $9,999

$500 - $999

Toni Allen, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Maria Inês Castro, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Montessori School of Oakton, Oakton, Virginia, USA

Susan Dietz of Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA, in memory of Bea Dietz

$100 - $499

Karen Bonnin Esquire, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Greater Kansas City Chapter of American Association of Zoo Keepers (KC AAZK), USA

Maria Sarno, Miami, Florida, USA

$50 - $99

Karen O'Brien, Friends Community School, College Park, Maryland, USA



Colette and John Collins, Deerfield Illinois, USA

Daily Good, Los Angeles, California, USA

Nancy de Moraes, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Deborah Edlin, Sussex, UK

Fabiano Godoy, Arlington, Virginia, USA

John Imbrie, in honor of Hayden Bar Mitsvah 

Andrea Loops, in the name of Shianna

Ian M. and Leslie C. O’Brien, Marietta, Georgia, USA

Carolyn Pflug, Crozet, Virginia, USA, in honor of Hayden Bar Mitsvah


Adopters of Little GLT Devra

Cooper Allen, in honor of Hayden Bar Mitsvah

Alexander Barrington of Fremont, California, USA, in the name of Abigail

Daniel de Moraes of Brasília, DF, Brasíl, in the name of Nancy de Moraes

Mari Filson

Whitney Hank, in the name of Mary Lou Hank

Alan Hudalla, in the name of Cheryl Nash

Hannah Newlon, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Dorothy M. Nye, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA, in the name of Christy Hoover

Gwendolynnn Speeth, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, in the name of Sam Speeth

David Strachan, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


Thank you to donors of items to the Friends of the National Zoo 2013 ZooFari Auctions.  These items raised $11,086 for the Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado’s work in Brazil to save golden lion tamarins and their habitat.

Dr. Andrew Baker, Philadelphia Zoo

Kenton Kerns

Dr. Benjamin Beck

Dr. Nancy Knowlton

Elise Bernardoni

Esther Langan

Suzanne Boom

Marion Maggiolo

Laura Bradford

Adam Matuszeski

Larry Broadwell

Dr. Jennifer Mickelberg

Maria Inês Castro

Dr. Russell Mittermeier

Lou Ann and James Dietz

Mehgan Murphy

Disney Theme Parks

Clyde Nishimura and Don Johnson

Sian Evans, Dumond Conservancy

Lynn Parsons

Debbie Forde, Audubon Institute

Dr. David Powell

Jennifer Holland

Dr. Anthony Rylands

Bengt Holst, Copenhagen Zoo

Craig Saffoe

Dr. David Inouye

Laurie Thompson

Jane Goodall Institute

Genevieve Warner

Irene Kerns

Zoo Miami


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