43 institutions in 8 countries participated in the GLT reintroduction

Forty three institutions, including 41 zoos, one primate center, and one university research colony, were home to the 146 captive-born golden lion tamarins that were reintroduced to the wild in Brazil between 1984 and 2001. 

These institutions were located in eight countries on three continents, making this reintroduction arguably the most collaborative, international conservation effort in history.

Save the Golden Lion Tamarin Board Members completed a comprehensive listing of all insitutions and individual tamarins that participates in the reintrodctions in Brazil. These reintroductions were vital for the wild population, allowing the number of golden lion tamarins in the wild to reach its current estimate of 3,200 individuals. 

Detailed information about reintroductions can be found here on Save the Golden Lion Tamarin's website.